Now a bit about Showville, in Elliot’s words:

After attending an open audtion in West Kingston, RI the casting director, Frank Garrity, visited our home to film my fiance, Myra Ellen Edelstein, and I with the intent that he would create a “pitch video” to send to the Showville producersin Los Angeles, CA. He was interested in the idea that I am a quiet, gentle, mild-mannered dental hygienist by day who transforms into a wild rock& roll piano player by night. Along with the music, Myra and I were able to offer the colorful life we live… including our menagerie of pets.

On “Showville,” airing on May 30, 2013, 9:00pm on the AMC network, you will see our interesting and various pets including snakes, lizards, a tortoise, birds, fish, a frog, a newt and a tarantula. You may see us perform a song we wrote documenting how we met, not surprisingly, in a pet shop! The song, “Boogie with the Fish,” features boogie-woogie piano and Myra on the upright bass. You may also see me at work in my dental scrubs talking about my career as a dental hygienst and you will see me playing piano and singing while being coached by two fabulous NYC and LA veterans – Alec Mapa and Lisette Bustamante. Being filmed for Showville was an amazing and surreal experience. It was as if Hollywood found its way into our living room. Working with the producers and film crew was a fantastic experience. I just hope you all enjoy the show!