Meet Elliot

Who is Elliot?

Elliot Ricci is a self-taught piano player and vocalist who was influenced by Jerry Lee Lewis. Singer, songwriter and rockin’ piano player, Elliot has an infectious energy that quickly reaches audiences of all ages. His wild style, driving base lines and flying fingers are certainly dazzling!

Elliot performs both popular music and gospel.

Love of Animals

Ever since he was a little child Elliot has always loved animals. Today his home is full of many pets including sugar gliders, snakes, lizards, birds, fish, dogs, a tortoise, geckos, a newt, a tarantula and soon to be added… a kitten. Elliot enjoys adopting animals and caring for them by providing a good home and the right habitat. Elliot worked in pet shops for more then 10 years where he sold mostly fish and reptiles. He wants to let folks know that if you are going to bring a pet into your home, from a goldfish to anything more exotic he encourages you to do your homework, learn as much as you can before you adopt and be prepared to care for the animal to give it a good life.

Boogie with the Fish

Not surprisingly, with a house full of pets, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Myra and Elliot met in a pet shop! For real… no joking! Elliot was working in the fish & reptile room of a pet shop when Myra came into the store to buy a turtle. Elliot was one heck of a salesman because Myra left with all the gear necessary to set up a marine (salt-water) aquarium. Yes, spending about a million times more dollars than she originally planned, Elliot was happy to send her home with everything in the store… except a turtle.

Now if you’ve ever set up a new fish tank then you know that it takes weeks to “cycle” a tank so it is able to help the new fish thrive. That means lots of trips to the pet shop to have them test your water quality … and of course to keep acquiring new stuff for the tank (whether you need it or not!).

It turns out that the attraction was mutual and after a few months and many trips to the pet shop Myra and Elliot started dating. This inspired them to write a song together, “Boogie with the Fish,” that recounts the story of how they met and how they became more than just “fish tank friends.” The lyrics are rather funny, especially when it says, “She yelled and screamed, ‘I only have just one wish’… He thought he had it in the bag until she said just this… ‘I want to boogie, boogie, boogie with fish…’” Myra and Elliot are still happily boogie-woogie-ing together after 9 years!

Rock Wall Climbing

In addition to music and animals, Elliot has other hobbies that keep him active and busy. Here are a few shots of Elliot climbing a rock wall when he enjoyed a cruise vacation. Elliot has been studying Tetsuken-ryu karate and enjoys getting a good work out while learning a new art. He enjoys bicycle riding, lifting weights, working out and any activities that keep him active and healthy.


Piano Garden

We had some work done in our backyard and after the patio was finsihed there was a small area that needed to be re-seeded to grow new grass. Myra asked if I would turn it into a flower garden so she and her mom could enjoy planting an assortment of perennials. They were hoping for a free-form shape with a stone edge.

After a trip to the garden shop I returned home with all the necessary materials and went to work. I dug out the garden, lined it with stones, added some pretty plants and mulched it in. I was pleased with the results and was confident that Myra and her mom would be rather delighted.

Upon their return home they were so happy! But upon second glance Myra said, “Hey look at that, you created a garden in the shape of a grand piano!” She was right – even when I’m not at the piano it’s always on my mind.