Elliot & Myra

Elliot and Myra believe that chasing your dreams is absolutely essential to your happiness and success. They both have successful careers as a result of years of education, training and practice. Elliot’s success with music is no different… he practiced for hours every day working hard to achieve the ability to play the piano like a professional.

Elliot and Myra are dedicated to education and training. Only a few years ago, Elliot Ricci returned to school to become a Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH). Elliot Ricci had worked for many years as a dental assistant and was commited to completing the education and training necessary to improve his career. Elliot Ricci’s commitment to his education was so strong that he commuted 3 hours round-trip each day for two years to earn his degree in Dental Hygiene from Mount Ida College in Newton, MA. He appreciated the dedication of his professors and the comeraderie of his classmates as they worked together to develop professional skills necessary for successful careers. Elliot and Myra, realizing the importance of education for future success, encourage people to stay in school or return to school to complete a solid education. Elliot Ricci believes that every minute commuting, studying and in training at Mount Ida College was worth it!

Elliot and Myra live by a few philosophies that help carry them through whatever challenges they face: work hard, do your best, never give up and keep a positive attitude. Elliot and Myra have each achieved individual successes – not because of luck or serendipity (though that certainly helps) – but because of hard work, truly giving your best effort, refusing to give up and keeping a positive attitude no matter what! When Elliot decided to return to school Elliot and Myra knew this would bring a host of challenges into their lives – the long commute, the hours of study required to successfully complete each course, the costs of attending school, the strain on life when you have to juggle the commitment of a relationship with obligations at home and at school or work, etc. But their willingness to be supportive of each other and of staying true to their commitment to hard work, never giving up and keeping positive truly resulted in wonderful success.

Elliot and Myra believe that we all have talents and that we should do our best to mke the most out of our talents – make the most out of what you have. Elliot Ricci learned at the age of 16 that he loved boogie-woogie, rock-a-billy and country rock music… he was drawn to the piano in a way that enveloped him – it entirely consumed him. He poured himself into learning to play the piano spending long hours listening to music and sitting at the keyboard teaching himself the style of music he found most intriguing. He did attempt a few piano lessons – but the teachers were always focused on classical training and Elliot did not have interest in that route. So he made a determined goal to teach himself and you can see the results of those efforts. Elliot and Myra believe that you should certainly try your hardest at something you truly care about.

Draw strength from your heart – keep it real – keep it genuine. Elliot and Myra believe that if you live in the present, draw your strength from your heart, keep life real and genuine then you will spread that positive attitude and goodness. Elliot and Myra try to create a positive joy whenever they can and they hope that Elliot Ricci’s music brings joy to as many people as possible.