Elliot has an interesting background that is not quickly apparent. Here is part of Elliot’s story as he tells it:

When I was 17 years old I was in a high school biology class where the lesson that day was about genetics. The teacher was explaining that if your mother has blue eyes and your father has blue eyes then you have to have blue eyes (nearly every time). Well, my eyes are very dark brown while my Mom and Dad both have very bright blue eyes.

Right there in the middle of class I felt like my heart stopped and my stomach sank as the reality was beginning to set in. The teacher even said that some students discover that they are adopted learning this very lesson.

I did confront my parents that evening and I did, indeed, learn that I was adopted. It turns out that my biological mother was very young and knew that I would have a better life if I were adopted. In another interesting twist, however, I was adopted by family… my adopted Mom is the sister of my biological mother. Technically, I was raised by my aunt and uncle… but they are my parents and I am extremely grateful for the incredible life they gave me.

I think adoption is a great thing and no child should ever feel badly if they learn they are adopted. I am proud of who I am and I am grateful to my parents for taking on the responsibility of raising me. I also understand that my biological mother and biological father made a decision that must have been difficult at the time, but probably best under their circumstances.

Here are a few pictures of me on a trip to the Grand Canyon. I felt at home visiting that part of the country because I am part Cherokee, a part of my heritage that makes me especially proud.