Enjoying AMCs Showville Thursdays at 10pm?!!

I hope you have all been watching the new episodes of AMCs Showville on Thursday nights at 10pm. I was on Episode 2 that is currently playing on Cox Cable “On-Demand” through June 27th. I hope you’ll catch the episode if you missed it!

The new episode last week featured Walla Walla, Washington and I thought it was entertaining and fun. The coaches, Alec Mapa and Lisette Bustamante, did a great job helping the finalists prepare for the big performance. I thought Benji Garcia, the dancer, had some serious talent. I could relate to him because we are both self-taught…. I know exactly what that feels like to want to share your talent with a huge audience for so many years. Myra and I were both happy for him that he won.

Funny enough, there was something else about Benji’s segment that Myra liked… her parents owned a leather embossing shop and she used to “tool” leather just like Benji and his dad were when you saw them applying the decorative accents by tapping the die with the mallet. Myra says it is a relaxing and wonderful hobby – the leather work in that segment looked really beautiful.

That’s all for now!

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